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Timing is Everything After a Flood

Insurance Attorneys Who Will Fight For You

When your home has suffered damage from a Flood, you deserve legal
representation to counter the insurance representatives. In many cases, the
insurance company employees have the goal of trying to save THEIR companies
money. We are attorneys who focus on dealing with insurance companies. The
entire claims process requires a law firm with experience to bring you the best
result with the damage to your home. Often, insurance companies will send
adjusters to your home who will ask pointed questions designed to affect your
insurance claim. We work towards protecting you from insurance companies
which may try to deny your claim.

The law firm of Dawson & Moskowitz offers consultations which are always free,
and, if we’re engaged, will be on a contingency basis. Plain and simple: If we do
not recover damages for you, we are owed nothing. Call our law firm today.

You may hear about public adjusters – however you can hire one of our lawyers
with at least 20 years of legal experience for the same fee. Public adjusters are
forbidden by law to initiate a claim with Citizens Property Insurance. We handle
claims with all insurance companies, including, State Farm and Universal Property
and Casualty. Our legal team helps homeowners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so
call us 888-701-5777, or e-mail We know Floods and
we are here to help you when a flood hits.

When a flood damages your home, you should call the law firm of Dawson &
Moskowitz. You shouldn’t have to deal with an insurance company alone. We’re
here to maximize your recovery and expedite the claims process. Give us a call to
learn how we may help with your claim.